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Menomonie Thunderhawks Wisconsin Semi Pro Football

Who Are The Menomonie Thunderhawks?
The Menomonie Thunderhawks are a Semi-Pro Football team based out of Menomonie Wisconsin that competes in the NEFL.  Our team is made up of a broad range of experience, from former college stand outs to players who have not played since high school.  We play our games between May and August with home games being played at UW-Stout's Williams Stadium in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

We are a local, community based and locally involved organization striving for an outstanding family atmosphere, both at our games and around town. As we continue to grow within the Menomonie, we look forward to working with area schools, charities, and organizations with donation of revenue, volunteering, and awareness. We look forward to seeing you at our games and in the community!

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